You Have to Be Willing to Make the Leap

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The Buddha

Awakening involves a radical shift in perspective. From the human perspective, as the old saying goes, life’s a bitch and then you die. You can always find something wrong, something to dislike about the world you live in or your life in it.

Once you awaken, you will instead experience radical, irreducible joy. It’s like jumping into a swimming pool. You may know the water is cold and that you will feel some shock when you first immerse yourself completely in it, but you also know that it won’t hurt you and that you will enjoy being in the pool.

You just have to make the decision to jump in.

Meditation is like walking to the edge of the pool. Actually jumping in via meditation is not as simple as literally jumping into a pool. It is more like standing at the edge, unable to jump, when a parent or other person who knows better and has your well being at heart comes up behind you and pushes you in.

But you still have to make the choice to walk to the edge of the pool.

A key concept in Buddhism is renunciation. Especially if you are unhappy with the world or your life as it is, why would you want to hold onto anything in it? Your meditation practice may well increase your sense of dissatisfaction.

Jumping into the cold pool only looks more appealing if you are horribly hot and sweaty standing beside the pool.

So give up, go stand by the pool and try to jump in, or wait for someone to come push you.

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