You Don’t Know What Is Good For You

William B. Turner
3 min readMar 24, 2022
The Buddha

And that by definition. If you did, you would not be here. Or, maybe some fully awakened person is out there, reading this. I can’t imagine why they would, but if you are there, welcome. I’m happy to have you, just as I am happy to have any reader.

It may not be the best description, but I think it is not inaccurate to say that the Buddha was pretty arrogant in some sense. After he awakened, he did not seem much interested in listening to anyone else’s explanation of the world or how it worked. He had realized his own explanation and was very confident that it was the right explanation, or a right explanation. I don’t think he bothered with any discussion of the whether some other explanation could be both different and equally right. The fascination with possible parallel universes is, to my knowledge, a modern fixation.

I rather doubt that the Buddha would read what I write, except maybe in the manner of a professor reading a student essay. We’re all on the path. I am presumptuous enough to think that I have something interesting and useful to say about this path that might help other people, so I write about it. Anyone is free to read or not read what I write.

We know that the Buddha had a moment, immediately after he awakened, when he doubted that he could ever explain what he had realized to anyone else. To state what should be obvious, I think, I only reiterate what the Buddha said, or what I understand the Buddha to have said, himself and as conveyed by some of the many people who have written and spoken about what he said in the 2,600 years since he died.

We also know that his explanations grew out of his direct experience. He went from being an ordinary schmoe to being the Buddha one night because of his meditation practice, which anyone else can do. He said we are all the result of causes and conditions, which must be very different for us than they were for him.

But the condition of having the potential to awaken remains the same, or so he said, and I have no reason to doubt him.

I think his explanation is logical and internally consistent enough that anyone can evaluate whether other people’s claims about his explanation or expositions of it comport well with what he said. I am as certain as he was, on the basis of my own experience, that the method he taught works in some important sense. It has had an enormous impact on my awareness. I think I get daily closer to being as fully awakened as the Buddha was. It remains to be seen if I will get all the way there during this lifetime, but I am certain that I will get there.

Okay, if you are reading about the Buddhist path, and more importantly, if you have a consistent meditation practice, you do know what is good for you. A consistent meditation practice is good for you, the best possible option for you, or for anyone, in my opinion.

I do hope you will keep reading what I write about this topic, but I hope more that you will keep up your consistent meditation practice, since that is the really important part.