Win By the Constitution, Lose By the Constitution

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The U.S. Constitution

Trump and his toadies keep claiming that impeachment is an attempt to reverse the 2016 election and somehow an imposition on the rights of voters. This is gross nonsense.

Trump only holds the office because of a peculiar feature of our Constitution. He can hardly complain if he then loses it because of another feature of our Constitution.

The Constitution clearly allows for, requires, impeachment of any federal official, including the president, on showing of criminal behavior. Trump has committed multiple crimes that merit impeachment. To remove him is no infringement on the rights of anyone. No one has a right to commit crimes. The impeachment process as the Constitution describes it says nothing about how the official got into the office. It clearly assumes that the official did so through a valid, legal process.

The whole point of impeachment precisely is that an official can gain an office through a valid, legal process, then commit some crime, or have some relevant crime come to light during that official’s term, that justifies removing the official. Impeachment is the removal process our Constitution specifies in that event. Mad King Donald does not understand this point, just as he understands nothing about our Constitution.

Many, most, all of the people who work for him should understand this. Still, they repeat the Mad King’s nonsense, since abject loyalty to the Mad King is the sole qualification for holding a position in his court.

It is particularly ridiculous for Trump to whine about the invocation of the impeachment process against him. Again, the Constitution clearly allows for impeachment of criminal officials.

Trump, of course, owes his presidency to a peculiar feature of the Constitution. Equally absurd conspiracy theorizing notwithstanding, Trump lost the popular vote and only gained the presidency because he yet carried enough states to win in the Electoral College.

Trump and his toadies look especially foolish for whining about impeachment when it is a feature of the same document that allowed him to gain the office to begin with.

Win by the Constitution, lose by the Constitution.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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