Who Cares if Trump is a Russian Asset?

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

Nearly everyone is in a tizzy about how Donald Trump is supposedly working on behalf of Russia in his guise as president of the United States.

Who cares?

That is neither a particularly interesting or important question. Except insofar as motive may become an issue in any criminal prosecution he undergoes after he leaves office, all we need to know right now is that he continues to harm the country every day with his mercurial, stupid, ham fisted approach to playing president and we have very good reason to remove him from office.

Let’s all stop wailing and moaning about how Trump is a Russian asset and start calling our Senators to tell them that we think he is a lousy, corrupt, criminal and that they should state publicly their willingness to vote to remove him in an impeachment trial.

The same goes for the weird fixation on indicting him. Only impeachment will serve to remove him from office.

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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