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Trump Jesus

Oh, my. It seems a lot of Christians get very defensive when anyone starts to talk about the ugly history of Christian violence and oppression in “the Americas,” a name the two continents only came to have after Christians invaded.

There is zero evidence that anyone in the western hemisphere had any interest at all in Christianity before good Christians showed up and forced it onto them at gun point. Most people in the western hemisphere are Christians now only because of Christian violence. Might makes right for Christians.

It is true that the primary cause of death for many of the Natives in the western hemisphere was disease. The two populations had lived separate from each other for so long that the Natives lacked immunity to diseases, especially small pox, that were endemic in the homes of the good Christians, so Natives rapidly fell ill and died. This does diminish the moral culpability of the Christians a bit, so call it manslaughter instead of murder.

But Natives only died of diseases Christians brought because Christians came. Had they stayed home, they would have killed no Natives, whether deliberately or accidentally. And kill Natives deliberately they did, in addition to forcing them to mine for silver and gold to ship back to Spain. Imagine having foreigners show up in your town and force you into manual labor for the benefit of the nation they came from.

The arrogance is stunning.

But good, modern Christians, especially those who fancy themselves “progressive” and advanced, do not want to hear about this history. They are deeply committed to the ridiculous proposition that some tension exists between the ugly policies of Donald Trump and their precious Christian faith when actually, Trump is just the apotheosis of the Christian invasion. He only perpetuates the nasty violence against Natives and their descendants that Christians have consistently perpetrated since they invaded.

Cognitive dissonance is hard. A lot of people lash out at anyone who causes it in them. The impulse to shoot the messenger is deeply human, by no means unique to Christians. The problem is that Christians love to portray themselves as having a superior, or the only, account of how humans can behave morally and unique access to moral superiority, so just acting like ordinary humans is a failure according to the standard they have set for everyone, or want to.

Happily, the men who wrote our Constitution had the good sense to prohibit government from enforcing religious belief and practice on anyone. It has taken over 200 years, but in the United States, anyway, the nasty virus that is Christianity is starting to lose its grip on the population.

Written by

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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