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Donald Trump

Donald Trump has refused to comply with any subpoenas from the House of Representatives — he’s hiding something. The obvious historical precedent strongly suggests that he is hiding something(s) that is highly incriminating.

The best figure in our history to compare Donald Trump to is Richard Nixon. Both are megalomaniacal, amoral Republicans who cheated to win election, Nixon to his second term, Trump to his first, and, we hope, only.

The big difference is that Nixon was smart and understood the government and the norms he was ignoring and subverting with his illegal behavior. Trump is too stupid to understand much of anything, much less the government and its structure that he is in danger of destroying.

Nixon resigned after the Supreme Court ordered him to release recordings of his conversations in the Oval Office, which revealed that he had directed the effort to cover up the connection between his 1972 reelection campaign and the famous break in at the Watergate hotel that gave his signature scandal its name. The case, U.S. v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683 (1974), arose when Nixon refused to comply with a subpoena (sound familiar?) for specific parts of the recordings from his Oval Office conversations.

Evidence from those recordings, or transcripts of them, which Nixon finally released, played a critical role in persuading the House Judiciary Committee to vote out an article of impeachment against Nixon.

We know Trump is too stupid and ill informed to know this history. We know in general how stupid and ill informed he is. But he keeps giving us ever more evidence that he knows nothing about Nixon’s experience in Watergate because he is acting in much the same way now. The only difference is that Nixon usually threw fits in the privacy of the White House, while Trump shares his temper tantrums with the public via Twitter, such is his stupidity and ignorance of the norms of presidential behavior.

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Nixon even anticipated Trump’s desperate effort to deflect from his own crimes by launching a typically stupid, ill considered investigation of the FBI as part of his absurd theory that the agency and Democrats attempted a “coup” against him.

As the New York Times recounts, “After the Plumbers were convicted, Mr. Nixon considered ‘a counter-attack’ — ‘a hell of an investigation’ into the finances of Senators planning to hold Watergate hearings. ‘The Senate is full of people who take money,’ he told a soon-to-be-implicated aide, Charles W. Colson, on Feb. 3, 1973. ‘Christ, I was one of the few who didn’t.’” Sound familiar?

“The Plumbers” was the name for the group that conducted the Watergate break in. Nixon focused on the Senate, presumably, in part because the first hearings to investigate the Watergate scandal in Congress took place in the Senate.

Trump is stupid Nixon on meth — all of Nixon’s worst qualities with none of his redeeming qualities. It is unlikely that Trump will have the good sense to resign, but that is all the more reason to use the impeachment process to explain, in painstaking detail, the crimes Trump has committed and the reasons why he should no longer be president.

Impeach Trump now.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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