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Adam Schiff, U.S. House of Representatives (D-CA)

Adam Schiff is a Democratic member of the House of Representatives from California. These days, that alone is enough to make many Republicans hate him, stupid as they are.

As further incitement to Republican hostility, he has long been a prominent, vocal critic of their president, Donald Trump, eliciting from the so-called president a characteristically puerile insult, when he called Mr. Shiff “little Adam Schitt” in a tweet — yes, the president of the United States (sort of) rendered the name of a member of the House of Representatives as an obscenity, and he did so in writing.

At least when Barbara Bush called vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro a bitch in 1984, she did it indirectly and did not put it in writing. Those Republicans, such fine, upstanding people.

Now, House Republican member, one of the few left from California, Kevin McCarthy, is publicizing the call by the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee for Representative Schiff to resign as Chair of the Committee.

Schiff made Republicans very angry by asserting to the Washington Post that he saw ample evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agents in 2016.

This at a time when the president’s hand picked Attorney General William Barr has emitted a summary of the report by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller asserting that the report found no evidence of such collusion. Pretty much no one finds General Barr’s letter satisfactory. Well, maybe Republicans, but they’re still in the tank for Trump, so their opinions don’t count.

Here is Representative Schiff’s response to the Republicans’ call on him to resign his position as Chair of the Committee:

Um, it’s not okay.

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