What Christianity Hath Wrought

The big story today describes an incident on Friday in which good Christians who were in Washington, D.C., for the March for Life harassed and shouted down a group of Native Americans who were conducting a ceremony to honor Native American veterans.

This disgusting display of white privilege is at once the culmination of, and synecdoche for, the Christian invasion of “the Americas,” which resulted in good Christians raping, pillaging, enslaving, and murdering millions of Natives and Africans, whom the good Christians imported as slaves.

The silver lining, and unusual outcome, of this event was that the good Christian did not kill anyone.

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Need one even note that the good, Christian thug was wearing a cap bearing the words, “Make America Great Again.” Of course he supports our most Christian president.

So, good Christians travel to our nation’s capital to advocate laws that interfere with the bodily autonomy of women, and while they’re there, they decide to add insult to injury by disrupting a peaceful ceremony of, by, and for Native Americans who fought for a country that only exists because of the murder of their ancestors and destruction of their cultures.

Christianity on the hoof.

If you feel so moved, you may contact administrators at the school these students attend here:

Michael Guidugli — Asst. Principal, Dean of Students — mguidugli@covcath.org

Anthony Zacghella — Asst. Principal, Dean of Academics — azechella@covcath.org

Robert Rowe — Principal — browe@covcath.org

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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