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Impeachee in Chief

Stating the obvious, various observers have claimed that the new allegations about Donald Trump’s attempts to persuade (browbeat) the president of Ukraine into pursing a manufactured investigation of baseless accusations against Joe Biden, former vice president and current presidential candidate, and Trump’s sedulous efforts to prevent the House of Representatives from finding out what happened, including a report by a whistle blower, definitively merit impeachment.

Add it to the list.

We did not need any more reasons to impeach Trump. We’ve had plenty since the moment he took office, and they just keep piling up. The Mueller report, which special prosecutor Robert Mueller released months ago, only to have Trump lie that it exonerated him completely, contains plenty of material. Mueller said so himself, in his lawyerly way. He stated flatly that his reason for not indicting the president was that the rule in the Department of Justice, which he was working for as special prosecutor, forbade him to do so. Talk about indictment is stupid anyway since, as Mueller also pointed out, the Constitution provides for removal through impeachment as the remedy for criminal officials, who expressly remain susceptible to prosecution for their crimes after they leave office.

And this is why the House needs to be very vocal, more so than they have yet been, about impeaching Trump. He is like a toddler running across a parking lot. He is heedless and has no sense of limit or danger. Only a loud, emphatic statement from a responsible adult might slow him down.

In Trump’s case, it might also drive him to further bad behavior, which is very dangerous for people who are vulnerable to his malfeasance, but at this point, we, and they, are at the mercy of his steadfast Republican defenders, who decided long ago that the well being of individuals and of the republic are as nothing compared to the prime directive of holding power by any means necessary.

It is blindingly obvious that the president of the United States badly abuses his power if he tried to induce a foreign head of state to pursue a manufactured investigation against a political opponent. That puts anything Richard Nixon came up with to shame, by orders of magnitude.

And it is exactly the sort of thing Trump would do.

It is far past time to announce loudly that impeachment is under way in the House of Representatives. Call the public’s attention to the investigation. Generate headlines.

Impeach loudly now.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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