War with Iran Would be a Huge Mistake

William B. Turner
4 min readMay 7, 2019
John Bolton, Republican Retread

Your favorite Republican retread and mine, John Bolton, has decided to rattle his saber at Iran, for some, very likely manufactured, offense. The public should make clear its strong opposition to any war with Iran.

Statement by Republican Retread

It seems the Iranian navy has conducted exercises in the Persian Gulf, very near to Iran and very far from the United States. That is “troubling and escalatory” only to bloody minded Republicans who are hell bent on invading Iran, as they have been for years.

For reasons that are not clear, Republicans always opposed the historic agreement with Iran limiting its nuclear capacity, even though most experts in the field think the agreement is a good thing.

We Started This

Hostility between the United States and Iran at the moment is originally the result of U.S. participation in the overthrow of the Iranian government in 1953 in support of the British. In 1979, Iranian dissidents famously overthrew the government of the Shah, whom the U.S. and Britain had installed, in favor of an Islamic Republic under the ultimate leadership of the Aytollah Khomeini.

The United States, which overthrew a royal government, fought a war, then instituted its own Constitution, always looks pretty foolish when it interferes in the domestic politics of other nations, especially when it helps perform coups. In the long run, these actions pretty much never turn out well.

On top of this foolishness, we now have the ultimate foolish president, who likely has no opinion of his own about Iran, but is more than happy to adopt the position of his enablers in the Republican Party. John Bolton is the ultimate Republican retread, a marginally competent Republican hack who has worked in multiple Republican administrations, always taking the worst, most bellicose line on any issue.