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The Buddha

Oprah Winfrey has said that we all just want validation, and she has a large, highly varied, sample to work with.

Maybe this is just a human need.

But having people running around seeking validation can be a problem. A huge problem.

In some sense, Donald Trump’s problem is that he constantly craves validation, but has no idea how to seek it constructively.

Neediness is not an attractive quality. As a psychological motivator, it can cause people to abandon other, more important considerations, such as integrity or professional ethics.

Fully awakened persons do not seek validation from other people because they know that approval, like everything else, is impermanent, and that any gratification from the validation of others will be fleeting, and thus disappointing.

A perhaps somewhat surprising quality of the fully awakened is a high degree of self confidence. They are also founts of unending compassion, so that self confidence is not going to result in harm to anyone else.

But it does mean that the awakened do not seek validation from other people.

Written by

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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