Nancy Pelosi has a growing list of problems, mostly of her own making. She has exacerbated a rift between herself and other members of the Democratic caucus in the House by picking on some of the first year members, especially vocal young women who look much more like the future of the Party, as Nancy looks increasingly like its past

She could solve a lot of these problems just by declaring an impeachment. That would be the best idea in terms of politics and public policy. It would also give Democrats in the House and the general public something else to pay attention to. It’s really weird that Nancy seems entirely unaware that an impeachment will grab public attention like nothing else. It will steal a lot of Trump’s thunder. He will likely exacerbate the situation by uttering stupid tweets about it, thus perpetuating the publicity storm.

Why is this not obvious? Nancy is supposedly a shrewd, highly seasoned politician, yet she is badly bungling this really easy move.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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