Trump’s Stupidity May Be His Undoing

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Toddler Trump

A new story out about the so called president states that he is throwing a temper tantrum about polling data that show him losing to Joe Biden in various swing states. His reaction has been characteristically childish: he has fired three polling firms.

He does have the more reasonable excuse that such data should not have become public knowledge, so firing the firms just reflects the need to keep internal campaign information secret. But the story repeats Trump’s own assertions that the polling is “incorrect.” How Trump is qualified to claim that polling is “incorrect,” and by what standard, is entirely unclear. There is no good reason to think that Trump knows anything more about polling than he does about anything else, so his opinion is likely just a reflection of his bloated ego, as is everything he touches.

What makes this even more amusing, and promising, is that Mitt Romney lost in 2012 despite going into election day quite certain that he was going to win because he believed that most pollsters overestimated the likely Democratic turnout. Romney, whatever his other flaws, is actually a pretty smart guy who really does understand statistics, since they play an important role in how he was able to win a fortune in his chosen line of business.

Obviously, at this point, there is no reason to think that Trump is suddenly going to wise up between now and next year, so he will likely bumble through the 2020 election, firing anyone who gives him bad news that conflicts with his reality free self image, and get an unpleasant surprise handed to him by whoever is his Democratic opponent.

This would be a deliciously condign outcome.

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