Trump’s Parade is the Epitome of Republican Governance

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the apotheosis of a Republican public official. It has long been obvious that Republicans seek high office to gratify their over sized egos and to enrich themselves, not to provide good governance to their fellow citizens.

Trump seems unaware that the rest of us are his fellow citizens. He appears to be a solipsist — a person who cannot conceive that other persons actually exist outside of his own consciousness. Thus, Trump not only believes that he is the center of the universe, he believes that he is the universe and thus has no need to consider the thoughts or feelings of any other entity.

His stupid July Fourth parade is an outstanding example of this problem. Having signed the Republican tax cut that has caused the federal deficit to balloon, Trump has chosen to waste federal funds on a parade for no other reason than to gratify is own enormous ego and inflated sense of self importance.

In classic Republican fashion, the White House will not allow anyone at the Department of Defense to disclose what they expect the parade to cost. This is consistent with Trump’s solipsistic approach to the presidency. He has no concept that the public, which is paying for his little fantasy, should also get to know exactly how much we’re paying.

By itself, the parade could not justify impeachment, but as an indication of Trump’s solipsism, it offers further reason why we need to remove him from office at the earliest opportunity.

Few Republicans are quite as solipsistic as Trump is, but they are bad enough that they cannot, or will not, see the problem. Trump is a model Republican.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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