Trump’s Biggest, Ugliest Lie

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Donald Trump, Vicious Liar

Donald Trump lies incessantly, about everything. He knows nothing about policy, and little about politics, but he does have a good intuitive grasp of how to fire up the Republican base.

The Republican base being mostly Christian conservatives, nothing fires them up more than attempts to control women’s sex and sexuality by prohibiting abortion via statute, which will not have the effect of eliminating abortion, but only make abortion more difficult and dangerous.

Since Republicans, like Trump, care nothing for policy, but only want to win elections to hold power for its own sake and care not for women’s health or well being — protestations to the contrary notwithstanding — it only makes sense that they would have no objection to Trump telling horrific lies about abortion.

He recently, during one of his notorious rallies, effectively alleged that parents and doctors conspire to commit infanticide — to deliver babies, then kill them.

In what we might call the Predictable “Conservative” Blowback, which, while entirely predictable, “conservatives” never manage to predict, a nurse who has worked on “bereavement teams” in neonatal intensive care units unleashed a tweet storm in response to Trump’s grotesque lie about doctors and parents conspiring to kill babies.

Being conservative indicates a suspicion of change as an ideological commitment, which is pretty dumb on its own terms, but has been a reasonable, respectable political philosophy in the Ango-American tradition.

U.S. “conservatives” are so devoid of principles and bloody-minded that they seem to think that they can win this battle by telling outrageous lies against the witness of people like Ms. Pulver and her powerful, direct experience exposing their lies.

Nothing will stop Trump from lying, that anyone can tell. The best we can do is to make his lies less relevant and newsworthy by making him no longer president.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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