Trump Voters Learn, but Slowly

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President Trump apparently does not learn.

People who voted for him are starting to learn, slowly, and the hard way.

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Tax Tweets

A growing number of people are finding out that they will not get as much as they expected in tax refunds this year, and some are even finding that they owe money instead of getting a refund.

In the run up to the elections last November, the only thing the Republicans had to run on was their huge, irresponsible, unnecessary tax cut, which mostly benefited large corporations and very rich people, who do not make up that many votes.

There has long been suspicion that Trump’s political appointee running the IRS would jiggle with the withholding of federal taxes that most people pay out of each pay check to make them look bigger as a way of selling the tax cut for the election. It turns out that they did change the withholding schedule in such a way that some people withheld too much, but some withheld too little, with the result that they own money instead of getting a refund. This maneuver has turned what was supposed to be a winner of votes into a loser of votes for Republicans, and thus for the Republican in chief, Donald Trump.

Now also farmers, who were mostly a loyal Trump constituency in 2016, are starting to feel real pain from Trump’s heavy handed approach to international trade, which has cost a lot of sales of agricultural commodities. Farmers are starting to revolt.

It was impossible to predict going in exactly how Trump’s incompetence and stupidity would play out in terms of specific policies. We knew he would be bad for ethnic and religious minorities, since he went full racist during his campaign, but regular tax payers and farmers are two groups who might well have thought they would benefit. Republicans always promise tax cuts, tax cuts, and more tax cuts as their only solution to any problem, while obfuscating the point that tax cuts first, last, and only mostly benefit rich people.

Now the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost, and Trump increasingly looks more obviously like the chicken shit he has always been, even to some of his supporters.

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