“Record deepness”?

Think about the fact that his voters and his fellow Republicans in Congress remain loyal to this man.

He is a blithering idiot whose every public statement is embarrassing to some degree. He lies incessantly.

His initial budget called for drastic reduction in funds for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, but he rode in a car with three members of the House of Representatives from Michigan, who used the opportunity to persuade him to reverse that decision and announce, as a “news flash” at his rally there, that he wanted to fund the Initiative fully.

So he is not only a blithering idiot and a pathological liar, he is also mercurial and adopts whatever policy the last person who talked to him advocated.

This time, the outcome was good. The Great Lakes are very important for a number of reasons, especially to the states that border them, but to the planet as a whole. The Initiative is a good thing.

But we found out at the beginning of the year that his idiotic idea to build a wall at the border with Mexico was just a cheap device Roger Stone (!) thought up to make sure he remembered to bash immigrants in his stump speeches during the campaign.

In other words, one of Trump’s signature ideas, a policy proposal if one can call it that, was just a stupid trick to compensate for Trump’s deficiencies.

And this is what Republicans choose to remain loyal to.

Not just loyal to, but vicious partisans of. Apparently the crowds at Trump’s most recent rally shouted their condemnation of new House member Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez, for no apparent reason, except that she apparently terrifies “conservatives.” This is mindless vilification of the worst sort. Unadulterated tribalism.

Meanwhile, the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee called on Representative Adam Schiff to resign as Chair because he has stated publicly that he still sees ample evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians during the 2016 election. Schiff responded at a hearing by reciting a list of the events that are public knowledge and that give rise to far more than reasonable suspicion of the collusion he is pointing to.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell has now twice refused to allow a vote in the Senate on a resolution that had passed the House unanimously calling for immediate release of the Mueller report.

So Republicans, both leaders in Congress and the rank and file, are still all in for Trump.

Republicans are still going out of their way to express their support for the dumbest, most corrupt, most incompetent president in the history of the republic, a man who makes James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson look like highly skilled leaders.

They are loyal to their Party, first, last, and only. They care not for the well being of the country as a whole, nor for anyone who chooses not to join their special club.


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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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