As part of her notorious interview saying that “he’s just not worth it” in reference to impeaching President Trump, Nancy Pelosi stated that impeaching the president is divisive. And she’s right.

But having Trump in office is divisive, too. It has been since before he took office, having won fewer votes than the other major Party candidate and so gained the office only through the operation of the electoral college, a malfunctioning relic of the Constitution.

One of his first official acts, the ban on admitting travelers from a list of predominantly Muslim nations to the United States, prompted huge, spontaneous protests.

His loyal followers have acted in a callous and dismissive way towards anyone who disagrees with Trump, which is not how our political system is supposed to work.

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Trump supporters

The American Revolution was divisive. Eliminating legal slavery was hugely divisive. Winning votes for women was divisive. Legislation prohibiting racial discrimination was divisive. LGBT civil rights are divisive. Nothing that advances the republic can avoid being divisive because there are always some “conservatives” who are happy with the status quo and do not want to change.

Letting your opponent dictate your tactics is always a bad idea. By eliminating impeachment as an option because it is divisive, Pelosi hands Republicans veto power over the decision. She cannot make the decision alone. Representative Green of Texas plans to introduce a resolution to impeach Trump and try to force a vote in the House. But Pelosi’s opinion carries more weight than anyone else’s at the moment.

She could at least be bolder in her agnosticism and say she is open to considering the idea, which she should be regardless.

Impeach the motherfucker.

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