Trump and “White Supremacy”

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Except that there is nothing funny about racism, the idea of Donald Trump as an advocate of “white supremacy” would be hysterically funny. He is exactly that — a case study in “white supremacy.”

The Atlantic is out with an article that repeats a number of recollections from people who have had to work with Trump and have had, as a result, the opportunity to hear him talk about issues of race and ethnicity. One of the sources said:

He trusts his gut on issues surrounding race, because he’s got a simplistic, deterministic, and racist perspective on who people are. I think at his core he has a genetic understanding of what makes people good and bad or successful. And you see it all the time — he talks about people having good genes. He looks at the world that way. He’s got a very Aryan view of people and race.

And what we see of Trump on a daily basis is the apotheosis of “white supremacy” — petty, vindictive, mean, narrow, stupid, clumsy, ham fisted, ill considered.

His “genetic understanding” is very much like Christianity, with the same basic problem as a moral theory. As with the Puritan concept of predestination, one’s life gets fully determined by a set of factors that one has no control over and therefore cannot change. Whether the determinant is some omnipotent deity or genetic endowment matters not. “White” people are better than “black” people and “white” people, the elect, the saved, should be free to treat “black” people however they like, and no “black” person can ever escape or improve the lot to which their skin color consigns them.

Thus, no individual can ever claim or become liable for any action she or he takes. We see that Trump believes no rules should apply to him. Apparently because he believes he is genetically superior, not “saved” in the Christian lexicon, but the concept is the same, he can do no wrong. If he wants to do it, it must be acceptable. He cannot fathom the idea that the position of president of the United States exists only because our Constitution defines it, such that anyone who occupies it has the duty to try to govern according to the rules it articulates. Because he is “white,” he can have no base impulses.

Trump used to snipe at President Obama for playing golf, but he has spent far more time, and more public money, playing golf than Obama did. That is, an activity that merits condemnation when a “black” man engages in it is perfectly acceptable, perhaps laudable, when a “white” man engages in it.

This is Trump’s Christ-like “white supremacy” in a nut shell.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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