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Tomi Lehren, Defender of Masculinity

Life is hard for “conservatives” in the United States these days. The world is full of annoying liberals who constantly attack the values that “conservatives” claim to hold dear.

Take masculinity, for example. “Conservatives” like their men to be very manly, preferably with an assault rifle handy to ward off that pesky federal government, which will squash them like bugs if the opportunity presents itself, but at least they will die in full many posture, standing with a rifle pointed squarely at the jack booted thugs who are storming the gates.

Nothing like those latte sipping liberals who are too busy discussing poetry at the coffee house to bother even buying an assault rifle, much less committing a felony with it.

Good thing Tomi Lahren is here to defend the masculinity of all those big, strong, masculine, “conservative” men! Lahren is the leading vacuous blonde at the Vacuous Blonde Network that serves up fake news to the paranoid set on a daily basis.

Hero Tomi recently took umbrage with a man wearing an elaborate dress at the Academy Awards ceremony, which she took as an “assault on masculinity by the Left.”

One African American man is “the Left,” and “the Left” assaults masculinity when that one African American man wears a tuxedo dress to a prominent cultural event. Huh.

One might reasonably wonder about the value of this masculinity if it fears one man in a dress and needs the always fierce Tomi Lahren to defend it.

I guess Mr. Lahren deserves some creativity points for thinking this up. It’s about par for the course in terms of Mr. Lahren’s usual intellectual vacuity.

Life is hard for “conservatives” these days.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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