They’ve Done This Before. Stop Bolton.

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A story is out stating that John Bolton, notorious war hawk who has long longed to achieve “regime change” in Iran, for no clear reason, wants to present to the United Nations (UN) what he claims is evidence that Iran is responsible for recent attacks in the Gulf of Oman.

We’ve seen this movie before. It ended really badly last time, with hundreds of thousands of people killed and billions of dollars wasted. Recall that Secretary of State Colin Powell presented evidence, that later turned out to be fabricated, to the UN to get them to endorse the invasion of Iraq, which many observers say is the biggest foreign policy mistake in the history of the United States.

Bolton: hold my tea.

He wants to go Iraq one better and make an even bigger mistake.

To find a closer analogy in terms of the cheap trick he is using, we can go back to the previous winner of biggest foreign policy mistake in our history, the Vietnam War, which President Lyndon Johnson escalated significantly as the result of what we now call the Tonkin Gulf Incident. That event involved alleged attacks on U.S. ships by North Vietnamese boats in the Gulf of Tonkin.

U.S. involvement in Vietnam was as misconceived and stupid as is U.S. involvement in Iraq and Iran. We can and should leave those people alone. Iran signed, and was complying with, an agreement to limit their nuclear program, which Donald Trump abrogated for purely ideological reasons. President Obama pursued the Iran nuclear agreement, so Republicans have to hate it.

We now know that, as with Bolton and his claim that Iran conducted the attacks in the Gulf of Oman, military leaders who were eager for war in Vietnam provided President Johnson with accounts of events in the Gulf of Tonkin that led Johnson to order retaliation.

So we have two elements: first, we should not have had any military equipment in the vicinity to begin with; and two, people who want war chose to misrepresent events to get the outcome they wanted.

War with Iran would be profoundly stupid. We have no good reason to attack Iran. We have already allowed one idiotic Republican president and his toadies to lead us into two apparently interminable wars. We should all speak up to prevent the latest idiotic Republican president and his toadies from starting up yet another one.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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