The Wicked Witch of the West Wing

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The Wicked Witch of the West Wing

Kellyanny Conway, Queen of the Filibuster for the Liar in Chief, today responded to a question about the Liar’s racist comments about four women of color in the House of Representatives by asking what is the ethnicity of the reporter:

This is stunningly inappropriate and only provides further evidence that, not only is the Liar in Chief himself a racist, but most of his staff are as well.

At a time when many of the Liar in Chief’s toadies are busy trying to defend him against the charge of being a racist, it is really extra unhelpful to have his Filibuster Queen ask an entirely inappropriate question of a reporter during a press gaggle.

Anyone who has any experience with hiring knows that one avoids questions that might suggest unlawful motives in hiring because they give rise to the suspicion that one actually uses unlawful criteria in hiring.

This obviously was not a hiring situation, but the larger point remains that asking entirely irrelevant questions, such as the ethnicity of a reporter leads to the suspicion that Kellyanne, like her boss, cares about issues of ethnicity and of race in ways that we, as a society, have formally and officially decided to stop doing. There was no harm here, so there is no factual basis for a law suit, but legally, she arguably violated the equal protection clause just by asking the question.

Kellyanne is apparently as utterly uninformed about U.S. law as the Liar in Chief, especially the parts about civil rights and nondiscrimination.

Kellyanne is as much a racist as Trump is.

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