The Trump Administration Has Zero Credibility

Acting U.S. defense secretary Patrick Shanahan stated that the United States wants to build an international consensus around the proposition that Iran conducted the recent attacks on ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

This claim deserves not a shred of credibility. It is obvious that war hawks like John Bolton have wanted to attack Iran for a long time, and Donald Trump wants a war to help his chances at reelection. This is a transparent ploy.

The United Kingdom has joined the hallelujah chorus, which only further erodes the credibility of the claim. We should remember that the UK were avid coconspirators in the invasion of Iraq. Their high court has heard the claim, presented formally, that former prime minister Tony Blair should face trial for his role in pursuing a war that the Chilcot Inquiry found to be unnecessary and having had the effect of undermining the Security Council of the United Nations.

We should not, perhaps, in this age of Trump and Brexit, find terribly surprising that UK leaders are as stupid as U.S. leaders about learning quite obvious lessons from the recent past. The nearly universal opinion — except among the likes of Bolton, no doubt, who never saw a war he didn’t like — is that the invasion of Iraq was a huge mistake. Attacking Iran would be an even bigger mistake — kill hundreds or thousands of people and waste money that the U.S. could spend better on almost anything.

Trump deserves zero credibility for anything he does. He was stupid to begin with. Many observers have noted a decline in his limited cognitive capacity since that time. He’s getting worse. The presidency is a hard job. Anyone has a sharp learning curve when they take over. But Trump exhibits zero signs of any learning. He understands nothing more than he did when he took office. He deserves impeachment.

He does not deserve the support of the nation for an attack on Iran.

Stop the war on Iran.

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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