The Stunning Irresponsibility of Christians

So a Christian TV host/buffoon has said that, if the Democrats win in November, they will burn churches and kill thousands of Christians.

Um, sure, just like they did when Obama was president.

It’s always hard to tell if morons like this know they’re spouting garbage and are just doing it to rile up the base, or if they really believe it and want to rile up the base in supposed self defense.

An important part of the problem with Christianity is that Christians, by definition, are happy to believe stories that are completely false, like the Christ myth, so they’re more likely than sane, rational people to believe nonsense like this.

One hesitates to dignify stupidity with rational refutation, but under the most likely scenario, the Democrats will regain control of the House of Representatives, which will give them zero power to enact any legislation of their own, and zero power to enforce any legislation they can get passed — that is the job of the executive, or the president, who will still be America’s leading Christian, Donald Trump, regardless of the outcome of the November election. Further, even if Democrats somehow managed, magically, to enact a statute from just the House of Representatives and get America’s most Christian president, Donald Trump, to sign it, any statute calling for burning churches and murdering Christians would violate the Constitution flagrantly and be very easy for any federal judge, no matter who appointed her/him, to strike down, and surely the good Republicans on the Supreme Court would step in to protect the nation’s Christians.

More realistically, there is no good reason at all to think that any Democrat is as ill informed about the provisions of the U.S. Constitution as our most holy, Christian president, Donald Trump is. They know that the Constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of religious belief and practice, and none of them has ever exhibited any desire to discriminate against anyone because of religious belief. Actually, of course, the Democratic Party is the Party that provided the leadership to enact the major civil rights legislation we have now, except insofar as good Republicans have managed to get important parts of it struck down.

This man’s comments are idiotic in the extreme, and a very characteristically Christian brand of idiotic.

Written by

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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