The Sickness of U.S. “Conservatives”

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Sick Tomi Lahren

Anyone who knows her by know is well aware that Fox News personality Tomi Lahren is dumb as a post and a moral imbecile, but she went out of her way to prove the point recently when she claimed that watching the United States “finally” defend its borders “was the HIGHLIGHT of my Thanksgiving weekend.”

The quantity of legal stupidity and moral ignorance in this tweet is impressive even by Lahren’s low standards. “Bum-rushing” is a fantastically ill informed way to describe the approach of women and children who have been walking north for weeks now and who mostly wish to seek asylum, which is entirely legal.

Lahren’s description reflects the racism that has always characterized “conservatives” in the United States, tracing their intellectual lineage as they do back to slave owners. An important problem with the current crop of would-be immigrants is that they are far too brown for Lahren and her fellow “conservatives” to tolerate, although one rather suspects that Lahren’s own ancestors might well have been part of the invading hordes in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when paranoia about the number of immigrants last reached a fever pitch.

She is also apparently entirely ignorant of U.S. and international law on the topic of persons seeking asylum. This information is not hard to find, but one suspects that Ms. Lahren’s research skills are not very strong. They rarely are in persons who lack intellectual curiosity.

As this suggests, even if they enter unlawfully, they may still claim asylum and have a hearing to determine the validity of their claim. Ms. Lahren apparently did not bother to find this out before whining about migrants “bum-rushing” the border.

It is not directly relevant to the asylum claims of the current would-be applicants, but it is relevant to the stupidity of “conservatives” like Lahren that the violence and chaos these people are fleeing in central American nations is largely the result of U.S. intervention in their domestic politics dating to the 1950s. The interventions were not nearly so dramatic or obvious as that in Vietnam, where we sent tens of thousands of troops and dropped huge quantities of defoliants that continue to wreak havoc on the lives of people who have to live with it, but they were still hugely consequential for the people who live in those countries. They are now trying to escape and we should help them, rather than shoot tear gas at them.

Ms. Lahren is apparently too stupid to find any of this out before issuing her idiotic tweet. Good thing she’s pretty.

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