The President Does not Learn

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Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi

President Trump continues to utter tweets indicating the belief that cold weather belies the claim of “global warming,” or climate change.

Some other Twitter users heroically try to educate the president on how stupid his position is.

The problem is that we have no reason to think that Trump learns anything.

Being president of the United States is a very difficult job, and there is no adequate way to prepare for it. Every president faces a steep learning curve as he takes office. Except Donald Trump, who never seems to learn anything. He has claimed that climate change is a hoax, then denied having said that, despite a readily available public record.

Now, soon after Trump ended up conceding on the partial shut down of the federal government after gaining nothing from it, Republicans are on the verge of causing another shut down over essentially the same issue.

Trump ended up taking most of the blame for the last shut down, which he deserved.

He does not seem to have learned his lesson. This is unsurprising for a man who lives in his own mental bubble, reinforced with fawning news coverage by the only source he trusts, Faux “News.”

Reality, as they say, has a liberal bias, and it will eventually bite the country’s leading “conservative” du jour on the ass.

He still won’t learn anything from it.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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