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Statistical analysis of just about anything can produce some puzzling results.

The Washington Post has published an analysis of the House of Representatives compared to the population of the country by House districts and found, surprisingly, that, even as the number of women and racial and ethnic minorities increased by quite a bit in the 2018 elections, white men are now more likely than in the last Congress to have a representative who is also a white man.

This peculiar outcome is the result of the fact that the Republican Party, in terms of its members in the House, is even more uniformly white men than it was before. Almost all of the newly elected women and minorities are Democrats, to no one’s surprise. Some black and Hispanic leaders might have been willing to give Trump a chance, but he has long since showed off his true colors, which turn out to be white, white, and white.

The Grand Old Party is no longer the Grand Old Party. It’s the Old White Boys Party. Anyone who isn’t should not vote for them.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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