The Man Gets to Vote in Congress

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The reputation of Republican House members took a big hit today during testimony by Google CEO Sundar Pichai before the House Judiciary Committee.

Newly reelected Representative Steve King set the example for stupidity with his questions for Mr. Pichai.

The discussion started yesterday with people who have long known that Paul Ryan is not the policy wonk his PR machine would have everyone believe. He has always been a fraud.

But Steve King really blew it at Mr. Pichai’s testimony. The whole business made Republicans look stupid because they kept accusing Google as a company, and now its CEO, of tweaking search results to hide conservative opinion and anything favorable to Donald Trump.

The right answer is that reality has a liberal bias. Conservative opinion and favorable results about Trump do not show up much in Google search results because there are so few relevant examples. That is not the fault of Google. It is the fault of intellectually bankrupt “conservatives” in the United States, who have not had an interesting idea since Eisenhower built the interstate highway system.

But Steve King (R(duh)- Iowa) really took the cake when he held up a cell phone and asked the Google CEO why his granddaughter saw an image of the Representative with foul language on it via her phone before the election while playing a game.

This is so dumb it hurts.

The question rests on at least two really basic misconceptions that any intelligent human should be able to recognize as such. One is the apparent belief that the CEO of Google knows the results of any given Google search or has any control over them. More basic is the apparent, false belief that Google search results routinely show up on the games one plays on cell phones.

Apparently, how Google works was news to the august (!) members.

King initially specified that the phone in question was an iphone. Mr. Pichai replied that a different company makes iphones, which elicited laughter from the Democratic staff table. Later, Representative Ted Lieu (D — California) told King that he would get positive search results if he did positive things.

That option seems to be well beyond the ken of King or any other “conservative” in the United States.

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