The Juvenile Politics of Donald Trump

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The Puerility of “Conservatism,” U.S. Style

The obvious problem with Nancy Pelosi trading insults with Donald Trump is that she will never win. Since the 2016 campaign, Trump’s willingness to think up demeaning nicknames for his opponents has been one of his most distinctive, and most juvenile, qualities.

As with calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas,” they verge into the overtly racist, which seems not to bother him or his racist supporters.

In this respect, Trump is, again, just the apotheosis of the weird set of noxious ideas that passes for “conservatism” in the United States today. “Conservatives” have reduced our politics to deliberately trying to make the other side mad.

This is idiotic and sophomoric in the extreme.

In terms of the current imbroglio between Pelosi and Trump, the majority of the blame rests with Trump, who acts like a spoiled toddler.

But Pelosi is a mother. She has raised children. She knows that one does not deal with a spoiled toddler by competing with him.

She needs to stop trading insults with him and praying for him, and spank Trump with the switch of impeachment hearings.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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