The Idiotic, Infinite Deferral

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Pelosi, standing behind Trump

For unfathomable reasons, Nancy Pelosi continues to dither about impeaching Donald Trump. She should have declared an impeachment months ago. She sold herself as Speaker of the House with a story about how tough she is, but that has proven to be a complete fantasy.

She is a wimp and an idiot.

One recent story states that she is the linch pin preventing impeachment at the moment. Declare the Speakership vacant and elect someone who is willing to lead. This is ridiculous.

Worse, another report indicates that she is now speculating about a statute that would enable indicting a sitting president.

This is idiotic in the extreme. She might be able to get such a statute passed in the House, but Mitch McConnell, the Republican black hole, certainly would not bring it up for a vote in the Senate, and even if it passed the Senate, it would not pass by a large enough margin to override Trump’s veto.

More importantly, and more stupidly, as Robert Mueller pointed out in his public statement announcing the closure of the special prosecutor’s office, the Constitution provides a mechanism for removing criminal officials: impeachment. Indictment, and even conviction, by themselves would not remove a president from office. Impeachment is a distinct process and the only way to remove corrupt public officials. That the Constitution expressly leaves officials who leave office via impeachment open to prosecution for whatever crimes prompted their removal indicates that the Founders saw the two as different processes.

Why is Nancy so stupid about this?

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