The Electoral College Does Not Work

Electoral College Baby

The Founders believed that the electoral college would serve to ensure that only the best (property owning white) men would become president. We have since decided that allowing only property owning white men to vote and hold public office is a bad idea.

In 2000 and 2016, thanks to the electoral college, we got presidents who were clearly not the best candidates and who proved to be poor presidents.

Since 2016, defenders of our worst president yet have taken up the cry that the electoral college serves to ensure that the lightly populated middle of the country has sufficient say in the decision, as opposed to those pesky “coastal elites.” That argument is amusing given that the electoral college itself is a of the elitism of the Founders, who wanted to put some filtering mechanism between the people and the choice of the president.

Now, their president, the worst the republic has yet seen, is indulging his instinct for pettiness and proving in the process that the electoral college does not have the effect of ensuring representation for the entire country.

The State of California is once again suffering with horrible wild fires. Trump has long harbored hostility towards California, that many of the popular votes that made up the increment by which he lost that component of the election were fraudulent and that many of those occurred in California.

This is just another Trump fantasy.

But now he has decided to go full juvenile, even more so than usual. He now claims to have the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to cut off funds to California, even as it battles wild fires.

Thus, the electoral college has enabled a president who is willing to use his power to pursue petty political vendettas against his supposed enemies at the expense of destroyed property and potentially of people’s lives.

The best way to ensure that the president represents the entire country is to let the entire population choose someone who will reliably choose to do so because she or he is smart enough and sane enough to do the job properly.

Not Trump.

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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