The Buddha Went Full Vertical

With his awakening, the Buddha went full vertical.

Humans mostly live horizontally, always worried about what is coming next and trying to become someone other than who they are.

Awakening meant that the Buddha was fully content and equanimous with who he was. He entirely relinquished his individual identity and became fully identified with his consciousness, his Buddha nature. He had zero concern about the future or about becoming someone else. He knew that the body he inhabited when he awakened would eventually cease to function, at which point he would dissipate fully into space and never come back again.

Since all is impermanence, he knew there was no point in clinging to anything in his life, including his body. He achieved the peak of both wisdom and compassion, so he spent his every waking moment either meditating or teaching.

Instead of living horizontally, he went full vertical.

We can emulate the Buddha and go full vertical ourselves the same way the Buddha did, by meditating.

Here’s to full vertical.

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