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Opponents of abortion rights love to whip out individuals who had an abortion and regretted it, or who claim that their mothers considered abortion but gave birth to them instead. They wield (overly) dramatic personal stories to try to make public policy. This is logically invalid, but politically appealing and easy, which good “conservatives” love.

It’s important for defenders of abortion rights to hear the personal stories of women who needed an abortion for whatever reason, or who just chose to have one. Stories like this one, about a woman who learned, late in a pregnancy she very much wanted that the fetus had severe defects that would make the very short life it had painful. A brief excerpt:

The neurologist delivered more bad news: additional brain anomalies. My little daughter would likely never walk, talk, swallow, or support the weight of her head. She would require brain surgery to extend her life, but no surgery could ever cure her.

“What can she do?” I asked. “Does a child like mine just sleep all day?”

He winced at the question. “Children like yours are not generally comfortable enough to sleep.”

Why does it make sense to force a woman carrying such a fetus to deliver it, then let it die in pain? How is that compassionate? If your god wants that to happen, fie upon your god.

There are two ways to address the question of abortion. We can allow every woman to make her own choices about her own body and her own pregnancy, or we can decree one size fits all solutions by statute.

Let’s trust women.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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