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I’m really happy. Meditation practice has that effect. You will begin to feel an unaccountable happiness inside your head. Happiness does not depend on external circumstances.

Even so, I also feel happy because I have found the right answer. Too many people spend too much time casting about for the right answer, when it is right in front of us, now, anyway.

In the United States in the twenty-first century, we have every possible option available, in terms of material objects, food, and religions.

It can be hard to choose. Most people apparently just stick with what they grew up with. In our culture, with its hegemonic Christianity, that is usually not the best option.

Buddhism is the right answer, the best option.

I am also happy to have the ability to tell as many people as will listen what the right answer is and as much about it as I can think of.

But one does not want to sound smug or arrogant. Buddhists do not like to sound smug. Sounding smug is not a good way to attract listeners, or readers, as the case may be.

One solution to this problem is to point to the chief practice of Buddhism, meditation, which is the best evidence for Buddhism being the right answer. Develop a consistent meditation practice and it will change your mind and your life. It tends to make people humble and compassionate, not smug.

I know whereof I speak. My mind and life are hugely different because of my meditation practice.

I am much happier and much more awake than I was before I started meditating. Everything hangs together and everything makes sense.

So keep meditating.

Written by

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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