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The impulse is understandable, but pointless.

People keep trying to figure out why Donald Trump, in playing at being president of the United States, keeps acting in ways that no rational adult would act.

During the campaign, he fell back on the favorite taunt of school yard bullies everywhere, “I know you are, but what am I” during a nationally televised debate with Hillary Clinton.

On his first full day in office, he apparently instructed his press secretary to utter the bald faced lie that his inauguration attracted the largest audience in history. Ever. Period.

This demonstrable lie then produced the absurd claim by another spokesmodel that Spicer only offered “alternative facts”:

It’s been downhill from there. No doubt everyone has their own favorite moment of embarrassingly childish, petty behavior by Trump.

Most recently, of course, he has engaged over the course of several days in a running, one sided argument with the dead former U.S. Senator, John McCain. It should be obvious that no president should ever criticize a dead citizen, if only because dead people cannot respond. But especially when the dead person is a decorated veteran who spent several years as a prisoner of war before returning to devote the rest of his life to public service, sometimes being a bit cranky and unpredictable, but still consistently working as a U.S. Senator when Trump was busy living the high life on his inheritance, Trump’s behavior is inexcusable.

Past a certain point, mental illness is inexplicable. People who choose to study it should continue to do so and strive to find what answers they can, but one way to describe mental illness is as the abandonment of reason. Trying to find reasonable explanations for entirely unreasonable behavior is not likely to meet with success.

Ultimately, what matters is Trump’s irrational politics and policy. His childishness manifests not only in ridiculous, embarrassing public statements, but in ridiculous, embarrassing, and ultimately potentially dangerous, public policy decisions.

He’s insane and he’s only getting worse. We need to remove him from office.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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