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The Buddha

No one can escape their karma. Karma is a law of nature, like gravity. There is no one to wheedle your way out of your karma. Even the Buddha suffered back pain after his awakening because of his actions in a previous lifetime.

People often use the metaphor of seeds to explain karma. If you plant seeds, eventually some plant will grow from the seeds. Your actions now are the seeds. The future consequences are the plants.

But, as with seeds, what actually grows depends not only on the type of seeds one plants, but also on the conditions the plant grows in. The Buddha’s moral instruction was very simple and practical. If you behave well now, you will be happy in the long run. If you behave badly now, you will be unhappy in the long run. In many cases, the connection between violating the precept and the unhappy consequence is direct and swift. Drink too much alcohol and you will likely suffer a hangover the next day.

Engage in irresponsible sexual activity and you risk contracting a disease.

So you can always start now minimizing the effects of any bad karma from your past by behaving better now. The seeds of bad karma will not grow as well in the salubrious climate of good behavior.

As always, your meditation practice will help with this project.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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