Stop Judging. Completely.

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The Buddha

A common injunction from Buddhist teachers is to stop judging. Entirely. It’s a bad habit humans have, that of judging everything, especially ourselves.

The goal is complete equanimity. The equanimous mind does not judge. Certainly you may need to make decisions. A vote for the other candidate is an implicit judgment of Trump, but you may make your decision with minimal mental involvement by way of active condemnation.

The three chief defilements humans have to overcome are greed, hatred, and delusion. Judgment is always a reflection of either greed or hatred. When you judge something or someone, you either want more of it or less of it.

Whatever it is, respond with equanimity. Any decisions you make about next steps will be better if you make them with an equanimous mind.

Judging yourself is especially counterproductive.

So keep meditating and stop judging.

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