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The Buddha

Remember the story of Angulimala. He was the bandit in the time of the Buddha who set for himself the goal of killing 1,000 people. Every time he killed another person, he would cut off a finger and add it to a necklace he wore. The name, “Angulimala” means, “finger garland.”

He lacked one finger to reach his goal of 1,000 when he saw the Buddha walking alone in the forest and resolved to make him the thousandth victim. The Buddha knew Angulimala’s goal and continued walking, but used his shamanic powers to prevent Anglimala from catching up to him.

Angulimala continued the pursuit for some way, then, out of frustration, yelled, “Monk, stop!” The Buddha replied, “I have stopped. Now, you should stop.” This response indeed stopped Angulimala, mentally and physically. He abandoned his quest and became a monk, quickly achieving complete enlightenment.

Few, if any of us, is a murderer, although if any murderers are reading this, welcome, and stop, if you haven’t already. We all have our delusions, however, until our minds stop.

You stop your mind with a consistent meditation practice. You will know when your mind stops. It was very clear to me when my mind stopped. It is an important milestone on the path to awakening.

Once again, your whole perspective changes. You find a marked increase in mindfulness and concentration. You feel more strongly the presence of consciousness. You know you are in reach of complete awakening.

This is possible.

Regular meditation makes it possible.

So keep meditating. And stop.

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