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Still Whining

The Democrats just took the entirely unnecessary step of passing a resolution in the House of Representatives, setting out rules for the impeachment inquiry. They did so in part as a response to incessant Republican whining about how unfair the process to date has been to the president.

Republicans, predictably, are still whining. The usual suspects, Liz Cheney and Jim Jordan, were front and center, continuing to offer the same, tired objections they have offered all along.

Those objections are no more convincing now than they ever have been. One would note the complete absence of any claim that the president has committed no crimes that merit impeachment. The Republicans have chosen only to whine about supposed flaws in the process the Democrats are using.

The offer no substantive defense of the president because they have none.

The so called president is plainly guilty of multiple crimes that merit impeachment. By refusing to comply with House subpoenas, he commits obstruction of justice. Now he has added a whole, new crime to his repertoire. He is encouraging his donors to contribute to Republican Senators in hopes of discouraging them from voting against him in the impeachment trial. As one ethics lawyer put it, that is felony bribery.

In the Constitution, one of the crimes on the list that justifies impeachment is bribery.

The so called president is up to his ears in impeachable offenses, and his Republican enablers implicitly admit as much when they fixate on alleged procedural flaws in the impeachment rather than offer any substantive defense.

Apparently there are no lengths Republicans will not go to in order to defend their incompetent, embarrassing excuse for a president.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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