No news. Just Donald Trump being racist.

Anyone who understands racism and how it works in the United States knows that it is systemic and therefore pervasive.

African American civil rights activists inadvertently created a peculiar catch 22. The enormous, indisputable justice of their cause made the allegation that one is a racist the most damning claim one can make, one that almost everyone in the United States wants to avoid and will go to great lengths to dispute about themselves.

The problem now with systemic racism is that our culture consistently produces racist outcomes, but when anyone points out that a given outcome is racist, any white person who is at all responsible for the outcome responds in outrage at the suggestion that they are racist.

Not (necessarily) the point. No individual is responsible for or in control of the entire culture or its systems. Plenty of people, black and white, condemn and abhor racism and would eradicate it from our culture if we could.

An interesting example of the problem is environmental racism. Even in the wake of major civil rights legislation, African Americans as a class still fall out at the bottom of most metrics of well being. They have lower incomes, less family wealth, higher unemployment, less access to healthcare, and still suffer discrimination in housing.

Nobody wants to live near large sources of pollution, for obvious reasons. Insofar as any housing exists near large sources of pollution, African Americans are more likely to live in it than white people because of our culture’s systemic racism. This is a topic for active research by persons from multiple disciplines.

In the face of systemic racism, any individual has the choice, to ignore it and thereby remain complicit in it, or try to resist it in whatever way they can.

Donald Trump is a very stupid person. One doubts he understands the concept of systemic racism. One doubts that he much cares. A very patient person might be able to explain to Donald this problem that African Americans are more likely to live near major sources of pollution, but no one can make him care about it, and he clearly does not.

Donald’s failure/refusal to understand and combat systemic racism and its effects make him a racist. The expectations are higher for him because he is president of the United States. He does not understand that, either.

Donald Trump is racist.

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