Poor Ann. The problem with pointing out how stupid Ann is stems from the fact that only stupid people ever listen to her at all, so pointing out how stupid she is has zero effect.

For some time now, having been a huge fan of Trump during the election, poor Ann has become increasingly disillusioned with him.

Her current temper tantrum, specifically about the absurd “national emergency” Trump has declared, only proves how stupid Ann is, along with most U.S. “conservatives.” As we have known for some time, Ann is a true believer in Trump’s wall, and she is reacting like any spoiled child on finding out that daddy is not actually omnipotent by whining and yelling about not getting what she wants. Think Veruca Salt when Willy Wonka says she cannot have one of the golden geese.

But let’s stop and think about what that means: it means she believed Trump would actually build the wall. Isn’t that a hoot? She fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. She believes that undocumented immigrants are a significant problem and that the wall is an effective way to stop them, even though neither proposition is true.

It also means, and this is the funniest part, she believed Trump would actually be able to get the wall built. Isn’t that a hoot? She thought Donald Trump would be an effective president who would achieve his stated goals.

Whether undocumented immigrants are a problem is a matter of opinion, although anyone who thinks they are should offer specific evidence to support the point. Granting that being an undocumented immigrant is a violation of U.S. law inherently, it is the best example one could find of a victimless crime. Undocumented immigrants qualify for no public benefits, but pay sales and property taxes unavoidably, and if they use forged identity documents to get a job, they subsidize Social Security by paying taxes into that system that they will never see again.

But the wall will not solve the problem regardless. Most undocumented immigrants come here legally, then stay past the expiration of their visas. As long as we continue to issue visas to foreign travelers, we will have a problem with undocumented immigrants. This has not changed much in the past three years. We’re in much the same situation now as we were in 2016.

“Conservative” opposition to undocumented immigrants is not about a reasoned policy decision that they pose a problem to the United States. It is a reflection of the racism that is the basic animating emotion of the “conservative” movement such as it is, which is why the animosity towards undocumented immigrants manifests as an irrational zeal to stop population from crossing the border with Mexico, and to treat anyone coming from the south as part of an invading army.

Ann Coulter is throwing a temper tantrum because she is just another stupid racist.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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