Sixty Five Percent of Christians

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Presidential Vote by Religious Affiliation and Race

It’s not the right number because it fails to account for what percentage of the total number the four categories make up, but just averaging the percentages in the table above gives, for the four Christian groups, excluding Hispanic Catholics, sixty five percent of Christians voting for Trump. This table makes no mention of African Americans, who are overwhelmingly Christian, but voted 8 percent for Trump.

The operative distinction is not flavor of Christianity, but race/ethnicity.

The “evangelical” Christian number is notably higher than that for the other Christian groups, at 81 percent, but the point remains that, had only Christians voted, Trump would have won the popular vote easily. Every other Christian group, except Hispanic Catholics, voted well over 50 percent for Trump. Christians own Trump.

Not just “evangelicals.” Such is the persistence of woeful Christian hegemony in the United States that lots of people are desperate to insulate Christianity from Trump by designating Trump Christians “evangelicals.” Empirically, this is a false claim. It flies in the face of the data we have. It is a cop out.

Stop pretending that only the most wacky, extremist Christians voted for Trump. He got 61 percent of the Mormon vote. He got 60 percent of the white Catholic vote. He got 58 percent of the “Protestant/other Christian” vote.

Sixty-five percent. That is a high number for a presidential candidate. No president has ever won the presidency with that large a percentage of the vote. The majority of Christians who voted for Trump presumably also support his various harmful, stupid policies, such as building a wall at the border, excluding Muslims from the country, restricting abortion rights, discriminating against transgender persons, and the lot. Those are all standard Christian positions anyway.

Making excuses for Christians only perpetuates their noxious hold on out politics and policy. It’s long past time we got honest and recognized that most Christians supported Trump.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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