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Buzzfeed News and the Electronic Privacy Information Center were in court recently, arguing for their suit to get the redactions removed from the Mueller Report. They argue that the public has a right and a need to know if what Trump and his attorney specific, William Barr, said about it is true — does it exonerate the president? Lots of other people doubt that. It contains lots of important information.

The Department of Justice (?) claims that revealing the redacted information would impair other cases they are pursuing against other defendants and disclose the methods the federal government uses in investigations. The main point the article makes is that the judge sounded like he might be leaning towards ordering the removal of the redactions.

As an aside, the article mentions that the Democrats who are running the House Judiciary Committee have a legally similar suit underway now. As the story says, “The Democrats said they need the information to make a decision about whether to impeach the president.” Really.

This is idiotic.

The simple solution to this manufactured dilemma is just to proceed with impeachment and let the Department of Justice (?) decide if it wants to continue to conceal important information in the Mueller Report with an impeachment investigation underway.

Trump claims the report exonerates him. If so, they should want to use it in his defense. Call his bluff. He is free to use any competent evidence in his own defense. If the Mueller Report provides exculpatory evidence, let them show it.

An impeachment investigation would strengthen the House case if the case gets to the Supreme Court as well.

Trump is obviously stonewalling. It is far past time for the House to call his bluff and start impeachment.

Put him to his proof. Impeach him.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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