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Donald Trump, in his own private Idaho

Donald Trump is perpetually crazy and stupid. It surprising every day that he does not fly into fits of insanity that no person could dispute.

Or, sane people have seen many such moments. Only his most loyal toadies, who are as crazy as he is, cannot, or will not see the obvious.

It is still the case, that anyone can tell, that the Republicans in the Senate would not vote to remove Trump from office if the House impeaches him.

That is not at all an intelligent reason to refrain from impeaching him. The Atlantic has reported that he is “pissed” about talk of impeaching him. Such is his vast ignorance of all things law and legal that he cannot grasp why anyone could have valid reason to impeach him.

The House declaring an impeachment investigation might well propel Trump into some conduct that would change the minds of a lot of Republican Senators. We did recently see several Republicans in the Senate vote to try to stop Trump from acting like a crazy person.

Nixon only resigned after the investigation into the Watergate break in, the underlying crime that set the whole scandal into motion to begin with, resulted in a Supreme Court decision ordering him to release transcripts of his recorded Oval Office conversations, which contained overwhelming evidence of his criminal conduct. Trump is not as smart as Nixon was. He is unlikely to resign. The Supreme Court might let him get away with defying a subpoena. He might refuse to comply with an order from the Supreme Court.

Any of those actions would serve to inflame the Democratic base, which should be the primary concern of Democratic leaders in the House. They are far more likely to help Trump win in 2020 by demoralizing their base with stupid inaction than they are by impeaching him, which must have been the goal of a significant number of voters in the much vaunted blue wave of 2018. If you get a historic wave, you need to surf it, not let it drown you .

There is only one way to find out. The risks of not impeaching him vastly outweigh the risks of impeaching him. He still has enormous power to cause harm. We need to work to help people he will target with his craziness once the impeachment starts. But impeachment is by far the best option.

Making Trump’s insanity unmistakable is the best of a bad set of choices. Impeach him now.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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