Release the Full Report, Or Else….

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Demand the Mueller Report

Everyone is talking about the report that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller submitted to (Trump’s hand picked) Attorney General, William Barr, about his nearly two year investigation last Friday.

Barr has released his own summary of the report, which pretty much no one finds adequate except apparently Trump and Barr himself.

We have a long list of reasons to think that Trump has committed various crimes, virtually any of which would merit impeachment, which is not necessarily the same standard as the criminal prosecution Mueller was considering, so members of the House of Representatives need to be able to see the full report to make their own determination.

The refusal to release the full report just leads to the reasonable assumption that it must contain some very damning information about Trump and his illegal behavior.

So it only stands to reason that, as long as Barr refuses to release the full report, we should all assume that it says whatever the worst thing it could say, consistent with publicly available information, about Trump and act accordingly. So the House should proceed with impeachment hearings.

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