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The Buddha

A lot of people like to claim, “only in America.” It is impossible to know if any given event or tendency is really unique to the United States, or just another human quality.

This is true of the enormous zeal with which many people refuse to see the reality right in front of them. People still make statements implying that they hope Donald Trump will suddenly start to act like a real president, even at this late date.

That is a fantasy.

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Similarly, what the Buddha offered (threatened?) was to help us/make us see reality without our usual filters. Again, the constitutive human problem is ignorance, and ignorance, as they say, is bliss.

Apparently most people prefer a religion or belief system that allows them to keep their fantasies intact.

But reality has a bad habit of impinging on people’s fantasies. We live with people dying of a highly infectious virus and escaping huge forest fires and hurricanes. That is reality. Ignoring it does not help.

The bliss of meditation is far more reliable than the bliss of ignorance. It is an inherent quality of your mind that you can discover if you work at it.

But working at seeing reality does not sound like much fun, which is a pity because anyone who does it will be much happier and permanently so.

So meditate and bite the Buddha’s reality.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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