Lots of liberal and progressive Christians have taken eagerly to the cheap dodge of calling Christians who support Trump “evangelicals” to try to insulate Christianity as a whole from Trump. This is risible.

They keep pointing out that “evangelical” Christians voted 81% for Trump. What they typically fail to note is that the same table shows that Mormons voted 61% for Trump, Protestants/other Christians 58%, and Catholics overall 52% (“white” Catholics, 60%, Hispanic Catholics, 26%). Jews voted 24% for Trump, the unaffiliated 26%, and other faiths 29%. The chart, focusing on religion, does not separate African Americans, who are heavily Christian, but we know separately that 8% of African Americans voted for Trump.

The divide, then, is not Christian v. non Christian, or “evangelical” v. other Christian, it is people who support civil rights broadly understood to include African Americans, Hispanics, and Jews (we don’t know about LGBT people, but they are almost as reliable a Democratic constituency as African Americans, so we can suspect that few of them voted for Trump), v. people who oppose civil rights, which only makes sense, since the primary motivating principle of the Republican Party since Democrat Lyndon Johnson led the way to passing major civil rights legislation in 1964 and 1965 has been opposition to civil rights.

Such is “conservatism” in its degraded, U.S. manifestation.

Written by

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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