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Donald Trump

There are undoubtedly a significant number of persons in the United States who never would have voted for Donald Trump to be president under any conceivable set of circumstances.

Then there are those poor slobs who swallowed the Kool aid from the beginning and never considered not voting for him.

Somewhere in the middle is a group of people who were not clearly for or against Trump from the outset who were open to persuasion. We now know, we knew collectively, President Obama knew, Hillary Clinton knew, in the summer of 2016, that Russian agents were actively involved in trying to persuade U.S. voters to vote for Trump.

It is not really fair or logical, but it is not unreasonable, to say that Trump voters are presumptive dupes of the Russians.

That is actually the more charitable explanation for having voted for Trump. His agenda, from the moment he announced, was explicitly racist. That he picked on Mexicans and Muslims, rather than African Americans, does not exempt him from the charge of racism because the basic conceptual move is exactly the same — identifying an entire class of people by a single, irrelevant characteristic and promising to heap discrimination on them because of your fantasy about what that irrelevant characteristic means or should mean. African Americans were well aware that the roving prejudice underlying Trump’s denunciations of Mexicans and Muslims could easily turn on them, if Trump saw the need, which is why only eight percent of them voted for him. What wants explanation is why any African American voted for Trump at all.

So, Trump voters have two options: admit to supporting overt racism, or admit to being a dupe of Russian propaganda. You choose.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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