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Trump supporter castigates press at rally

It is ultimately impossible to be a good conservative and a good American at the same time.

This has always been true, or since the adoption of the distinctively liberal U.S. Constitution, anyway.

We now have a very vivid example of this problem. During a recent press conference, the chief White House correspondent for CNN, Jim Acosta, persisted in trying to ask President Trump a question after Trump had moved on to another reporter. Acosta had a microphone that he refused to surrender to a an aide who tried to take it away from him.

After that incident, the White House revoked the “hard pass” it had issued to Acosta that allowed him easy access to the physical space, which is necessary for him to do his job properly.

CNN has now sued the president, Sarah Sanders, and various other persons, in their official capacities, claiming that they have infringed Acosta’s right to free speech and to report under the freedom of the press. Those rights are central tenets of the liberal U.S. Constitution. Conservatives believe in order above all else. In the Anglo American dispensation, they are monarchists who believe the monarch holds all governing authority without let or hindrance and that the power of the monarch admits of no restraint by any other human authority.

Liberals believe that government gets its legitimate powers from the governed, who always have the right to evaluate the quality of governance their leaders provide and change leadership if they feel so compelled. In order to exercise that right, they have to have an accurate understanding of what those leaders are doing, which in our world means a free press that has its own power to report on government officials with few restrictions.

What has U.S. conservatives in an uproar in this contretemps, besides what they see as unsupportable lack of respect by Acosta for their dear leader, is the fact that their favorite news network, Fox News, has expressed its support for CNN and Acosta.


Or they might say, if they knew the word. Conservative Fox viewers are stomping mad at their network for this inexcusable departure from the hallowed principles of conservatism.

Life is hard for some people. No doubt many of these folks are the same as those who were shocked when their favorite long haired, pot smoking hippie turned out to be a Democrat who supported Beto O’Rourke for Senate.


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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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