Pass Bills, but Not Impeach?

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Donald Trump, in love

The current chief, cheap excuse for not impeaching Donald Trump is the observation, likely correct, that Senate Republicans will not vote to remove him, making impeachment allegedly pointless.

But House Democrats have passed a pile of bills that the the Senate, under the lead thumb of majority leader Mitch McConnell, will not even vote on, much less pass.

Does anyone know that? This is a public relations fight, and the Democrats are botching it. They should be bruiting their bills from the rooftops. But they should also use impeachment hearings as an excellent vehicle for explaining to all and sundry why we need to remove Trump.

Why is passing bills that the Senate will not even vote on okay, but pursuing impeachment when the Senate likely will not vote to remove somehow completely impossible? That makes zero sense. The Democrats need to engage the public, and nothing engages the public like a good impeachment scandal.

Anyone who is old enough will remember when the three major television networks took turns broadcasting the Watergate hearings. That almost certainly will not happen this time around, but with saturation, cable television news coverage, the opportunities to capture the public’s attention are even greater. The Democrats could even meet the president on his favorite turf and live tweet the hearings. We now have C-SPAN for the serious impeachment junkies out there.

The major networks devoted far less time to the Clinton impeachment, but mostly because they expected the various cable networks that only carry news to cover them obsessively.

No doubt, cable news networks would cover the Trump impeachment obsessively as well.

Why is this hard? The Democratic leadership in the House needs to stop making stupid excuses and uttering statements that suggest they don’t know what is going on, and proclaim loudly that they are starting impeachment hearings.

Impeach him now.

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